Chicago Blues Revue

The Chicago Blues Revue is an extraordinary performance act comprising the top headlining blues artists in the city, all on one stage, resulting in a non-stop, up-beat blues extravaganza.

Ideal for corporate functions, ALLY’s Revue brings together a wide array of legendary Chicago blues artists in a performance package that promises to deliver fun and excitement to your next event. This is NOT just a blues band. The Chicago Blues Revue is an interactive production that is ideal for corporate functions. We let you choose the headliners, and offer various packages tailored to meet your needs and budget. Make the Chicago Blues Revue your party theme!

Added Features:

* Blues Brother look-a-likes to MC, “meet and greet” guests, and highlight the performance . * Children Gospel Choir to add impact and uniqueness to your event, * Video support * Custom Blues CD for all guests bearing your company’s corporate logo.

Chicago Blues Revue Provides Ultimate Time and Budget Flexibility:

Select any show length for your event, from a powerful 45-minute concentrated performance to a multi-hour lavish production complete with pre- and post- main show entertainment formats. Your specific selection of certain talent will allow you the opportunity to meet your target budget while maintaining the essence and impact of the show for your audience.

Packages to Suit Your Tastes, Budget and Location!

Artists: Melva Le Blanc, Billy Branch, Lonnie Brooks, Carl Weathersby, Eddie Clearwater, Rico McFarland, Catherine Davis, Carlos Johnson, Johnny Laws, John Primer, Jeff Grossberg, Ronnie Baker Brooks, “Big Time” Sarah, Melvin Taylor, Ron Prince, Barbara La Shoure, Willie Kent, Dan Specter, Larry McCray, Nellie Travis, Charlie Love, Shirley King, Nat Turner, and Eddie Shaw.

NOTE: While the Chicago Blues Revue is the exclusive production of ALLY Entertainment,
ALLY makes no representation as to the any exclusive representation of any one particular Artist. ALLY is the CBR producer and works with the Agencies of record for those particular Artists.

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Customize your own Chicago Blues Revue: You have the ultimate flexibility to design the perfect Chicago Blues Revue for your specific event, meeting your budget, time constraints, and production levels.

Headliners: Choose from a variety of outstanding “headliners” to create the ideal combination of 2, 3, 4 or even 5 different singers, lead guitarists, and other featured artists that perform non-stop through a series of mini-sets, 2-4 songs each. The amazing Chicago Blues Revue Rhythm Section backs up these headliners to create a seamless, powerful entertainment showcase. Please see Headliner Artist Profiles for examples.

Timeframe: Select a show length that can vary from a powerful 45 minute concentrated event to a more lavish production that can last many hours featuring both pre and post main-show entertainment formats.

Expanded Production Items: Add more exciting elements to your Chicago Blues Revue and contact american addiction centers production, such as:

  • Blues Brother look-a-likes for “meet and greets”, MC, and performance highlights
  • CBR Horn Section for the full ensemble sound
  • Children Gospel Choir for added impact and uniqueness to your event
  • Blues oriented decorations and audience paraphernalia like sun glasses and hats
  • Video projection of stage performance and ambiance video footage
  • Custom Chicago Blues Revue compilation CD with CD jacked branded to your company
  • Custom website or marketing materials for your conference or party

Budget: Meet your target budget while maintaining the fun and excitement of your own Chicago Blues Revue. Contact us today to find out how you can design the ideal show within your budget.